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At Educational Experience we understand the importance of inspiring minds, both young and old! The responsibility of creating opportunities for children to explore, create, play and learn not only rests with parents, but with our teachers and childcare educators a like. That is why we specialise in the supply of trusted and innovative educational products to preschools, schools and child care services throughout Australia. From puzzles to science, music to mathematics and craft to construction, we have over 10,000 toys and educational resources guaranteed to entertain and challenge young minds. We pride ourselves on the ability to underpin our educational resources with quality understanding and practical application. So if you are looking for some inspiration, browse our Inspiraton Centre and see how we can help you meet the educational outcome needs of your children today.

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Traditional Indigenous Sports: Make a Difference

Want to introduce new games that promote physical activity, but also challenge problem solving skills of students? There is no better way than embracing the various Traditional Indigenous Games available. There is a wide range of spectacular Traditional Indigenous Games that will rouse children. These games can be played every day, becoming a normal part of the physical activity plan for the home, centre or school.

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In Focus in 2019: Dynamic Learning Environments

In Focus in 2019: Dynamic Learning Environments

We understand the importance of creating Dynamic Learning Environments, each designed to enable educators to maximise educational outcomes for all children.

From welcoming interiors and multi-purpose classrooms through to outdoor spaces designed to engage children in the wonder of natural world, today’s versatile and innovative learning spaces provide the critical foundation for a child’s social, emotional and academic development.

We believe that the creation of these flexible spaces enables educators to pivot seamlessly between teaching opportunities and to ultimately to be responsive to children’s educational needs.

It is this understanding underpins our approach to building and resourcing Dynamic Learning Environments - from a simple room refurbishment, through to complex greenfield projects on a national scale.

Talk to us today about creating your next Dynamic Learning Environment. 

The Gift of Learning

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At Educational Experience we believe there is no greater gift you can give than the gift of learning. For over 40 years we have been supplying educationally rich toys and games to families, that not only stimulate your child’s brain, but leave it hungry for more, time and time again.

Our toys don’t rely on “on trend” aesthetics or flashy advertising with catchy backtracks. Our resources are the quiet achievers, forever developing, encouraging and challenging your child to think deeper, harder and longer. This is why you will find our toys in preschools, early learning centres and classrooms all over the country. It is evidence that educators and teachers trust in our brand, and so can you.

Let us help you bridge the gap between the centre or school and the home by purchasing from our expertly designed, high quality, range that you know will be safe and loved, all the while producing educational outcomes that others on the market simply can’t replicate.

Our extensive range houses thousands of products for children aged 0-8, leaving no developmental domain unturned in our quest to provide fun and learning in one.

Satisfy the curiosities of little minds with our infants and toddlers range of bath toys, teethers and rattles. Encourage emotional wellbeing with our expertly designed WorryWoos™ range developed by respected Australian Child Psychologist Dr John Irvine B.A. PhD., M.A.C.E., M.A.P.S. Stock up on boredom busters for your household art and craft box with the Educational Experience Value Range, bursting with crafty goodness and backed with a Double Back Guarantee*. And let the hours and enjoyment fly by with our pretend play dress ups and accessories.

Invest in your child’s future and give the gift of learning all the while being rewarded yourself. Educational Experience is helping you reach for the stars! We are making your dollar stretch that extra mile with our edextras rewards programme. For every $1 you spend you will receive 10 edextras points. Simply shop online at, earn points and save on your future purchases! And if you have shopped with us in 2018 you will have already begun earning edextras points. Check your points balance today.

* If any product within the Educational Experience Value Range fails to satisfy, Educational Experience will replace the product AND refund the full purchase price. See terms and conditions at


In Focus in 2019: Developing Emotional Intelligence

In Focus: Developing Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional Intelligence is broadly defined as being able to recognise, understand and self-manage our emotions. It is just as important as a child’s academic ability and in fact, is a better predictor of happiness and success in life.”

— Dr. John Irvine (B.A.; Ph.D; MAPS; MACE)


Resonating deep within our own philosophies, these words, written by renowned child psychologist, Dr. John Irvine, have never had more meaning. In a world that is so dynamic, fast paced and complex, children are expected to be adequately emotionally equipped to deal with increasing challenges. 

The Early Years Learning Framework guides us to assist children to become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing. To us, this means allowing children to recognise, understand and self-manage emotions, producing higher levels of resilience and increasingly positive academic outcomes (Bloffwitch & Irvine, 2018).

The frameworks to guide best practice on emotional intelligence are countless. Comprehensive resources to support the child are, however, not as widely available or understood. It’s why we make it our mission to acquire and develop specialised resources that explore the gamut of ever changing emotional intelligence topics. We recognise identity and indigenous perspectives, just like respect and resilience or agency and autonomy all have a role to play in our daily emotional endeavours, journeying children across the wider curriculum.


Educational Experience encourages educators to challenge and excel current understandings of social and emotional learning, digging deeper, pushing harder, and looking longer for educational opportunities in every interaction. Before long the prospect of identifying and extending this learning will become apparent, giving you the chance to trust our resources to help you take learning to the next level.  From all-inclusive kits complete with evidence based research such as the WorryWoos™ Developing Emotional Intelligence Programme, to resources that provide endless opportunities on simple subjects such as interacting with others, Educational Experience is relentless in its pursuit of developing the emotional intelligence of our most valuable resource; our children.



Bloffwitch.J. & Irvine J. (2018). A Pilot Study: The Impact of the WorryWoos™ Developing Emotional Intelligence Programme on Children’s Social and Emotional Literacy and Regulation. Retrieved from


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