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To the Modern Mother

Let us preface this article by saying there is still a long way to go, however the traditional role of the mother in society has changed vastly over the last five decades. From home makers and care takers to CEOs and sporting superstars, woman and mothers all over the world are shining.

Our mothers are now Olympic gold medallists, lead sporting anchors, small business owner’s, world leaders and international popstars. They are fiercely loving and incredibly loyal. They are unapologetically independent and remarkably brave. They are the ultimate masters of multitasking. If you don’t believe us, pop into a suburban household on any given Monday and watch the morning routine of a mother of three! These women shine in the face of adversity, open their arms and their worlds to tiny little strangers, endlessly caring and dedicating themselves whole heartedly.

But let us not forgot to celebrate mothers of all shapes and sizes – step mothers, grandmothers, bearded mothers, distance mothers, working mothers, male mothers, great grandmothers, pretend mothers, childcare mothers, foster mothers and all other mothers in between.

No matter what shape of form you take, we stand behind you, thanking you for the endless hours you spend washing school uniforms, mowing lawns, packing lunches, building houses, driving dump trucks, polishing school shoes and withstanding the waterworks.

Sending our love to each and every madre, mumma, mère, ma, mummy, μητέρα, Mum, Nan, Nanny and 母亲.


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