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What are your favourite summer memories?

What are your favourite summer memories?

“The taste of sea salt, the sun bleached hair, the smell of sun cream and the collection of sand in the bathroom- that’s summer!”  Evan, our National Marketing and Communications Manager.

Looking back, summer days always feel longer in our memories; they are etched into our memories. Endless daylight, without the school routine, just the sun and the weather directing the type of activity.
Whether it is by the rock pool, exploring the exotic overgrown gardens of grandparents, or just in the backyard playing, summer is when life long memories are made.
In so many parts of Australia, summer is far too hot for endless outdoor activities. But that doesn’t mean that children are not active! We have a cool list of activities to stay cool indoors this summer!
“The school holidays always had one constant, visits from what felt like long lost cousins. Soon, it would be as if they had never left our side.”
By the rock pool:
Always remember your hat, long sleeve shirts or rash vests, sun cream and a beach umbrella. Shade will be your best friend!
Whether it is high tide or low tide there’s a plethora of things to see and do around the rock pool.
Beforehand, make a list of things to spot, see and create. The children will love ticking them off throughout the day!
- Large shell;
- Small shell;
- Smooth rock;
- Rough rock;
- Crab;
- Seagull;
- Pelican;
- Seaweed;
- Sandcastle with turrets and a mote.  
“The sun was our clock. Up early exploring nan and pop’s back garden. Once the sun was too high and hot, it would be back inside to relax with board games or drawing. That would be until the afternoon shade and breeze drifted in and we would drift back outside in what felt like the wild jungle of the Amazon.”
In the garden:
Now’s the time to start the day early; children love helping with weeding, planting and watering the plants.  Spotting worms, centipedes and grubs of all kinds are perfect teachable moments. 
In the backyard:
Traditional sporting games always get a twist over summer. Try round robin cricket with four bowlers trying to bowl out the only batter. French cricket is a great way to get everyone of any age involved. 
Staying cool indoors:
There’s endless games available for children to whittle away the hot midday sun. Even simple things like hide and seek, building cubby houses in the lounge room or performing plays can help children interact and stay cool indoors. Try some of these out:
- Playing shops: children can practise making sandwiches and pouring their own drinks, while serving the adults their lunch. Why not help the children put on High Tea for their grandparents?
- Puzzle challenges: children can compete against each other in puzzle challenges.
What are some of your favourite summer activities?


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