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Our 2019 Term 1 edition of edextras: your inspiration publication is OUT NOW! And it is jam packed with everything you need to get you kick started for 2019.

Get ready for expert advice on Developing Emotional Intelligence from Dr. Kaylene Henderson as she discusses preparing children for their first year of school – a great sharable resource for centres and families.

Get set with a mass of Mother’s Day inspiration and educational Easter activities - such as Cubetto the screenless coding resource and his Easter adventures.

And GO! With our new, innovative and enormous range of resources preparing your classroom across the entire curriculum. From sustainability to STEAM, creativity to coding and mathematics to multiculturalism – edextras: your inspiration publication has got you covered!

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2019 Learning Resource Catalogue

Art & Craft

Art and craft can be the most magical, exciting and flexible experience. A child’s life can truly be enriched through an art and craft program that offers open ended  resources, providing freedom for independent exploration and discovery. The focus  on The Arts in the STEAM concept affords us the opportunity to explore how design, aesthetics and performance are fluid in the process of innovation and creation.


Educational Experience is proud to provide furniture for all education and care settings and situations. Our ranges are full of versatile pieces, making them perfect choice for dynamic learning environments where children play, grow and learn. From beautifully crafted tables and chairs with natural tones, to soft furnishing such as carpets, cushions and rugs suitable for a wide variety of ages, the aesthetics and mood of a learning environment will be enhanced by the inclusion of our furniture.

Infants & Toddlers

Infants and toddlers have a distinctive hunger for stimulation. As they grow, an increasing importance is placed on resources in their environment. Resources that promote children’s independent exploration, such as puzzles, rattles, mirrors and balls begin the learning journey. When we incorporate these resources, we provide experiences that develop language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional domains.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is an enriching experience for children as it allows them to express
their ideas freely. It exposes children to identity, cultural competence, diversity and respect. It allows children to make sense of the world around them through imagining and creating roles whilst dressing up and expressing ideas using resources such as animals and puppets. Dramatic play is a wonderfully social experience that can assist children in developing emotional intelligence elements such as resilience, trust and empathy.

Music & Movement

When music is combined with activities involving movement children have the chance to be able to express themselves. For educators and parents, music and movement provides an opportunity to communicate stories to children about culture, inclusion, wellbeing, identity and the world they live in. Resources function as extensions to children’s learning particularly around musical concepts such as duration, pitch, dynamics and expressive techniques such as tone colour, texture and structure.

Culture & Communities

Cultural diversity is about respect, equity and fairness for the existence of cultural and ethnic groups within our community. Children who actively engage with resources that promote an understanding of the differences and similarities between
people of the world are provided with the foundation for greater understanding. Educational Experience's Boolarng resources complement our range of play foods, diverse materials, traditional dresses and craft resources.

Inclusion & Wellbeing

Inclusion can be defined as practicing an awareness and respect for others  perspectives, differences and values regardless of age, gender, language, religion, lifestyle, family arrangements and circumstances, abilities and disabilities. Wellbeing is a cyclical process that is positively affected by inclusive practice that is authentic and true. Both, however, require planned and spontaneous exploration to develop an awareness of the concept. Through charts, mirrors, dolls and books, educators have an opportunity to scaffold children’s learning on otherwise complex concepts.

Science & Technology

Science is the central focus of the STEAM concept. Biology provides children with the
opportunity to explore their bodies and the processes involved with health and wellbeing. Environmental sciences explore sustainability and the world around us, a concept that essentially requires resource inclusion for extensive exploration and understanding. Physics and chemical sciences are also dynamic learning experiences that can occur though child initiation or purposeful planning, including enlightening resources to extend knowledge. Our resources will help you explore physics with gears, chemistry through creation, sustainability through seedlings and biology through beast specimens.


Engineering is tied closely with the concept of STEAM, one of the prominent educational concepts across the world. Engineering resources allow children to plan, create, attempt, and evaluate. These resources also stimulate imagination, creativity, persistence and problem solving, skills that are required throughout life. Additionally, through using these resources, children begin to appreciate the role engineering plays in the built environment and may transfer what they learn into understanding the real world.


Mathematics is more than numbers, counting, addition and subtraction. Mathematical concepts are not always easy to explore in depth due to their intricacy, however, with the right resources these challenges are turned into valuable learning opportunities. Spatial awareness, patterns, time, estimation and money are just  some of the many theories you can explore with children using our dedicated resources that capture imagination and attention.

English & Languages

Communication hinges largely on a child’s ability to understand languages which allows them to engage with others, express emotions and discover the world. Literacy resources plays a central role in developing communication skills. Listening to stories, appreciating the alphabet and expressing ideas through sentences, allows children to begin creating their own narratives. However, this isn’t always a simple experience to develop. Through using charts, games, prompts and books, educators and children can collaborate in learning languages and communication.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing cannot solely be explored and developed through sporting  activities. Encompassing a much wider base of educational outcomes, our resources promote active lifestyles, healthy food choices, motor skills and exploration of the outdoors through structured activities and free play. From concentration to coordination, gross motor to gardening and sport to sustainability, our resources cover the gamut of physical learning experiences.


Puzzles in early childhood enhance cognitive development through requiring children to problem solve, engage in trial and error and finding alternate ways of thinking. Puzzles also assist children in developing dispositions for learning such as persistence and commitment. Puzzles are flexible, in that, they provide inspiration for further learning through the pictures, shapes, material and sizes they are made of. Whether it is sets of puzzles, wooden puzzles, knob puzzles, age appropriate puzzles or puzzles based on themes we have it covered in our extensive range.


Games in early childhood education settings are rich with social, cognitive and  physical development opportunities. Children develop strategic thinking and problem solving skills whether it be playing the traditional favourites or new and exciting games with complex concepts. In addition to cognitive domains, children can build resilience, confidence, respect and empathy through conversing and socialising with other players.

Classroom Resources

Classroom resources provide educators with the basics needed in
any educational setting. From charts to first aid kits, you will find
a comprehensive range of must-haves that provide support to educators.
Educational Experience also recognises the importance of developing
pedagogy and curriculum, and as a consequence we are proud to supply
wide ranging resource books that focus on the practical implementation
of curriculums and inspiring learning spaces.